Process your tracks online using real analog gear

Mix and master your tracks in real time with full control.
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Real analog gear
We use the same real analog EQs, compressors and tape machines that are used in best studios around the world.
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Full control
You have total control over all of the aspects of using our gear. Our app streams audio directly to you in up to 192 kHz/24-bit while you tweak the knobs.
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Great price
You can try Mixanalog for free. After that the price is much lower compared to renting studios that own such gear. You can save up to 95% of your budget when using Mixanalog.
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The workflow is easy

It only takes a couple of seconds and you are ready to go.

Upload your track

Your files are securely stored in our cloud and are accessed only by you.

Book the room

Pick a timeslot from the calendar or start the session right away.

Turn knobs and download your track

Use the interface of Mix:analog to adjust actual hardware parameters of our remote audio room. After you're done, download the final tracks.

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Our Happy Clients

Seeing as I work with electronic sounds mostly, I love the effect of the Telefunken on my master when I am finished with my tracks.

Yahya El-Zein, Beirut, Lebanon

This technology is awesome and congratulations for bringing this to the world. I am loving the sound.

George Papapetros, Melbourne, Australia

I really love this platform, I've been using it for a while now, and I recommend it to all my friends who are producers too!

Aaron Newbigging, Cambridge, UK

This is one of THE BEST ideas I have come across - seriously. What a great time to be an audio nerd. Thanks again!

Studio 114, Manchester, NH


You can pay as you go or subscribe for some extra benefits.
Pay as you go
  • 5 GB of space
  • up to 96 kHz sample rate
  • 60 minutes of studio time
  • 5 GB of space
  • up to 96 kHz sample rate
per user
per month
  • 135 minutes of studio time
  • 10 GB of space
  • up to 192 kHz sample rate
per user
per month
  • 300 minutes of studio time
  • 20 GB of space
  • up to 192 kHz sample rate
per user
per month
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Have a look at our FAQ section for answers to most common questions or use the chat widget at the bottom right.

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