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Add weight, color and texture to your tracks online with real analog EQ, compression and tape streamed in real-time from the cloud.
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Analog Studio, Reinvented

Imagine an online environment where you can process your audio with world-class gear over the internet with your desktop, laptop or tablet. From home, your studio or on tour, all you need is a good monitoring setup and a touch of inspiration.Sound the best you can, wherever you are!
Full, Real-Time Control
We don't lock you into our settings with an algorithm you can't influence. Instead we give you control over all aspects of our process. Our app streams audio to you in real-time while you adjust settings with mouse or touch.
Powered by Analog Gear
We don't compromise on gear and use the same real analog EQs, compressors and tape machines that are used in other world-class studios. We make them available to you by upgrading with digital control electronics we invented.
Epic Sound Quality
Streaming to your device at up to 192 kHz sampling rate and up to 24-bit lossless quality. Choose the streaming and download settings that suit your internet connection speed. 10 Mbit/s is recommended, click or tap here to test.
I’ve tried the mix:analog service for a couple of days now and it works flawlessly. Super-easy session booking system; it has a plugin-style system to twist knobs in real-time, real-time monitoring and an easy DAW-familiar bounce system to instantly get your analog processed tracks back on your computer in studio quality.

On top of that there is a super responsive crew that is instantly there to help if something goes wrong. Can’t think of anything that could be better! And most importantly: the sound is stellar! Fat, analog, warm and sounds high end. I’ll definitely continue using this service
adrian music producer belgium
Adrian, Music Producer, Belgium

How does it work?

Create an account and upload your tracks

You need an account to use mix:analog. Create it with an email or use social network login options and upload your first source tracks.

Reserve analog gear room

Once you have an account and have uploaded files, you can make a reservation of the available gear.

Turn knobs, listen to changes - when happy, download your track

Once your session is active, you can tweak the settings in real-time and finally bounce and download the processed file.


Still confused? Have a look at our FAQ section for answers to most common questions or use the chat widget at the bottom right to talk to a person.

The Most Amazing Gear Partners

Gear on mix:analog is provided by a network of partners - collectors and manufacturers of gear. If you are interested in turning a part of your collection or product over to us for management, don't hesitate to contact us.

Deliver great sound for every genre

Join the revolution of sharing a cloud based studio with like-minded producers from all over the world working in all genres.

Our Happy Clients

This technology is awesome and congratulations for bringing this to the world. I am loving the sound.

George Papapetros, Melbourne, Australia

Seeing as I work with electronic sounds mostly, I love the effect of the Telefunken on my master when I am finished with my tracks.

Yahya El-Zein, Beirut, Lebanon

I really love this platform, I've been using it for a while now, and I recommend it to all my friends who are producers too!

Aaron Newbigging, Cambridge, UK

This is one of THE BEST ideas I have come across - seriously. What a great time to be an audio nerd. Thanks again!

Studio 114, Manchester, NH

Simple & flexible pricing built for everyone

You can use mix:analog for free for 30 minutes per day, or use one of our awesome paid plans below
per user
per month
350 MAT added to your account every month. Up to 90 minutes of paid tier studio use.
per user
per month
800 MAT added to your account every month. Up to 200 minutes of paid tier studio use.
per user
per month
1800 MAT added to your account every month. Up to 450 minutes of paid tier studio use.
  • 5 GB of space
  • up to 96 kHz sample rate
  • no additional free tier minutes / day
  • 10 GB of space
  • up to 192 kHz sample rate
  • 15 additional free tier minutes / day
  • 20 GB of space
  • up to 192 kHz sample rate
  • 30 additional free tier minutes / day

Still having questions about gear tiers, MAT, pricing and more? Have a look at our FAQ section for answers to most common questions or use the chat widget at the bottom right to talk to a person.