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Analog Studio, Reinvented

mixanalog is an online environment where you can process your audio with world-class analog gear. It's an online studio that you can access over the internet with your desktop, laptop or tablet. Be it from home, your studio or on tour, all you need is a good monitoring setup and a bit of inspiration. Sound the best you can, wherever you are!


Lossless Streaming

Streaming to your device at up to 192kHz and up to 24-bit lossless quality. Choose the settings that suit your internet connection speed.
real time

Real-Time Control

Control analog gear in real-time over the internet. Save and Recall all the settings or even whole projects instantly.

Analog Sound

Use real analog EQs, compressors, limiters and tape machines that are hooked up to the cloud.
If anything goes wrong during a session and makes you lose MATs unjustifiably, mail us at and we'll refund them to your account.


Session Scheduling

Book your sessions in advance - make sure that only you have access to the gear when you decide to work on your projects.

Real-Time Control and Monitoring

You want to hear the results in real-time and we're the only analog service in the world that provide them.

Preset Manager

Save time by saving/recalling all the parameter settings with just a push of a button. Switch between saved sets of settings to do quick A/B comparisons.


Pick the settings, bounce your tracks and download them. Continue your sessions from the "Sessions" tab, to do a revision.

What does mix:analog NOT do?

Despite this rich feature set, mix:analog is not a general digital audio workstation that supports tasks like recording, arranging, editing and mixing down to stems. Instead, we recommend that mix:analog is used in synergy with regular DAWs or other online audio workstations.

Where mix:analog shines in particular is when your production calls for classic analog sounds, quality and/or realism that you cannot deliver with existing software or hardware.

Mix:analog IS NOT an automated mastering service. Our mission is to provide you, the creative engineer, absolute control over the process and equipment and freedom to do whatever you want, exactly the way you want.

Sound samples

How mix:analog compares to others

Mix:analog RackFX AriaMastering The Audio Hunt CloudBounce LANDR eMastered
Type of processing analog analog analog analog software software software
Level of control full manual control full manual control choose from presets give written instructions choose from presets no control no control
Real-Time Monitoring YES NO NO NO NO NO NO


Rack1 MasteringTelefunken Tape


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mix:analog™ is a registered trademark of Distopik d.o.o., an audio technology R&D company based in Slovenia, European Union.

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