MIX:ANALOG is a web application that allows audio engineers from all over the world to connect to analog studio hardware and use it in real-time to process their tracks. The application is especially suitable for bedroom producers, home studio engineers and solo artists, that would like to process their tracks with real gear, but can't afford it.

List of available hardware:

  • Fairchild 670
  • Pultec tube EQ (2 pieces)
  • UA 1176 Rev. A
  • WSW Kommando verstärker (2 pieces)
  • Distopik Precision Series EQ
  • Telefunken Magnetophon 15

Development of the application started in 2016. Version 1.0 has been deployed in January 2017.

MIX:ANALOG is currently being upgraded to version 2.0.

is a registered trademark of Distopik d.o.o., an audio technology R&D company based in Slovenia, European Union.

For business enquiries, please contact us at:

Distopik d.o.o.
Tobačna ulica 5
SI-1000 Ljubljana