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AD Converter Clipping Guide

A/D converter clipping with mix:analog - how to do it, when to do it and what kind of results to expect? Find out in a tutorial by Žiga Rezar.
Thu Jun 20 2019

Mid/Side and Parallel Compression Tutorial

parallel compression and mid/side processing tutorial released on mix:analog blog!
Thu Jun 13 2019

Elysia museq Tutorial

The elyisa museq on mix:analog has been around for a few weeks now and it's a simple way to test drive and access real analog hardware from the comfort of your own sweet spot 👍👍👍
Tue May 28 2019

Elysia museq released on mix:analog!

Elysia joins hardware lineup at mix:analog cloud with the amazing discrete five band equalizer "Museq". It is an equalizer that combines premium sound shaping with optimally matched parameters and highest quality components, enabling the user to create musical results in no time at all.
Tue Apr 16 2019

VCA compressor hardware vs. plugins: The Shootout

SSL inspired VCA bus compressors can be wildly different between makes and models. Do you have a favourite? How did it fair against the others?.
Mon Apr 15 2019

New Payment Options, Local VAT and more

Big improvements have been made recently to mix:analog's handling of payments. We are now accepting credit cards and wire transfers, issue invoices for accounting, obey VAT and other tax code rules much better and allow you to pay in more currencies!
Sat Mar 23 2019

Fairchild 670 Tutorial

Thu Mar 21 2019

Fair Use Update and Subscriptions Announcement

We clarify our fair use policy on free gear and explain daily limits for free use. In the same post you will find an announcement about subscriptions coming soon as an easier and more affordable way to purchase MAT!
Tue Mar 19 2019

Experience Mix:analog Technology

There is only so much that can be conveyed with words and images. To get really impressed with what mix:analog can do, give it a shot and try it yourself with our zero risk free trial!