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Studer A812 Tutorial

Here's a video tutorial from Žiga Rezar about using the Studer A812 Mk1 on mix:analog. This new addition sounds very different to the Telefunken M15 that we already offer and will bring a different kind of warmth and punch to your tracks.
Wed Sep 18 2019

Studer A812 Tape Machine Released

The Studer A812 tape machine joins the Telefunken M15 tape machine already in use. It's an amazingly clean early 90s tape machine with four tape speeds and three bias settings. Join mix:analog now and get genuine tape sounds on your tracks.
Thu Sep 12 2019

Studer A812 MK1 is coming to mixanalog!

The Studer A812 tape machine, one of the latest legendary analog tape machines will be added soon to mixanalog. We have talked a lot about it a lot in the past but now that it's very near - we made a few sound samples for your evaluation.
Thu Aug 22 2019

Why hardware still sounds better than plugins?

Lots of companies claim they have the ultimate hardware emulation technology. Yet many producers still feel like there is still something missing. Let's take a deep dive into what they would would need to do and solve to really claim total and complete victory of software over hardware sound.
Tue Aug 20 2019

1176 Compressor Shootout/Comparison

Žiga compares various 1176 plugins and hardware units on bass, vocals and a snare drum. View the video and make your own opinion on how far the plugins have come and how they stack against real hardware. You can also try one of the hardware versions tested here for FREE on (no purchase or credit card necessary).
Thu Jul 18 2019

Precision Series Mastering EQ Tutorial

Mastering equalizers can be a complex and daunting beasts, with many parameters and operating modes 🛠Learn more about the Precision EQ on that has over 50 parameters to tweak! Žiga Rezar 🎩walks you through the capabilities and sonic signature of this five-band analog mastering EQ with discrete summing.
Mon Jul 15 2019

What is stem mastering?

Stem mastering is getting more and more popular, but what exactly is that and how is it different from mixing groups of instruments? Žiga Rezar dives into Stem Mastering techniques, reasons behind their invention and some tips and tricks on how to approach Stem Mastering in the online tool mix:analog.
Tue Jul 09 2019

Meet the team behind mix:analog

Who are they, what do they do and where do they come from? Find out in this article about five brave innovators on the path to success
Fri Jun 28 2019

Tape got calibrated!

We treated our Telefunken M15 to some spa and massage a.k.a. almost two hours of tuning the record and replay amplifiers. The left/right level and frequency balance are now well within half of a dB, which is great for a 40-year old machine!
Wed Jun 26 2019

Experience Mix:analog Technology

There is only so much that can be conveyed with words and images. To get really impressed with what mix:analog can do, give it a shot and try it yourself with our zero risk free trial!