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Gyraf G24 "Passive/Aggressive" Compressor released on mix:analog

The G24 is here and the results are nothing short of extraordinary! This compressor is the epitome of innovative thinking combined with an audiophile signal path. It successfully attempts to reinvent what a compressor is and what a compressor does. Fully endorsed by Gyraf Audio founder Jakob Erland as well as mastering engineers/owners of the first two units produced, Emil Thomsen of ET Mastering and Bob Macc of Subvert Central Mastering.
Mon Dec 09 2019

Feed-back and feed-forward compressor topology explained

Learn about different compressor or limiter topology with Žiga Rezar, resident audio nerd at MixAnalog. Feed-forward vs. feed-back, what's the difference, why should you care and how do they work? Learn more in the article below.
Thu Nov 21 2019

New tape analog volume controllers

We've released a new component to mix:analog, the 2nd generation volume controller! It is used to alter the analog volume levels hitting the tape and coming back into the A/D converters.
Mon Nov 11 2019

Maintenance ALERT

Maintenance alert! We will take mix:analog offline while moving to a new location. This will happen on Friday, 8th November, 15:00 hour (GMT*). We expect to be back online by Saturday, 9th November, 21:00 hour (GMT*).
Wed Nov 06 2019

How to easily set compression parameters

Setting up compression can be a royal pain! Did you know there is a nice and easy procedure you can follow to get to a really great starting point? We think there is useful information in this process for newbies and seasoned veterans alike. Happy compressing!
Tue Nov 05 2019

Audio Destruction Unit Tutorial

For all your audio saturation needs, here's the long awaited Distopik Audio Destruction Unit (ADU) video tutorial. Figure out BIAS, Drive and Filtering controls by seeing it in action and listening to results.
Thu Oct 10 2019

The Audio Destruction Unit

After a long development period of more than a year, the Distopik Audio Destruction Unit is finally making its debut on mix:analog, available for FREE for a limited time.This all-tube, transformer balanced saturation and distortion device is paired with a unique mid/side and parallel processing circuit. This analog machine makes for some very unique and fresh saturation sounds that we're sure you will love.
Mon Oct 07 2019

How to prepare files for mixanalog

An in-depth tutorial about the preparation of files for mixanalog that works for all major DAWs and kinds of exports. Learn more about uploading files to mixanalog, sample rate, format, headroom and security of your files.
Mon Sep 23 2019

Studer A812 Tutorial

Here's a video tutorial from Žiga Rezar about using the Studer A812 Mk1 on mix:analog. This new addition sounds very different to the Telefunken M15 that we already offer and will bring a different kind of warmth and punch to your tracks.
Wed Sep 18 2019

Studer A812 Tape Machine Released

The Studer A812 tape machine joins the Telefunken M15 tape machine already in use. It's an amazingly clean early 90s tape machine with four tape speeds and three bias settings. Join mix:analog now and get genuine tape sounds on your tracks.
Thu Sep 12 2019

Experience Mix:analog Technology

There is only so much that can be conveyed with words and images. To get really impressed with what mix:analog can do, give it a shot and try it yourself with our zero risk free trial!