Bettermaker Mastering Limiter

Bettermaker Mastering Limiter is one of the few analog audio processors that already comes automated out of the box. In that way it was only natural to put it on mix:analog and give a myriad of software limiters a run for their money.

Bettermaker have been around for some time now, but with them being so far ahead of the curve with the completely automated analogue design, the audio world took some time to truely start paying attention. And by that time, they have already released quite a few well-regarded and great sounding products!

One of them is the Bettermaker Mastering Limiter. But why make an analogue limiter? One of the drawbacks of digital limiters, clippers and saturators is the fact that they need to oversample the original signal heavily to produce transparent results and that can bring all sorts of problems like imperfect downsampling filters (and censequent possible aliasing) and/or skyrocketing CPU usage. But all those problems are non-existant in the analogue domain, so it makes perfect sense to go analogue for those kinds of processing!

And while they were at it, Bettermaker threw in an M/S matrix, a clipping circuit that can be used together with the VCA limiting stage, an inteligent auto-release timing circuit and two parallel, frequency dependant harmonics generators for good measure. And you can have all that on your track for a price of a latte.

Where to use it?

As the name suggests, it’s primarily intended for mastering purposes, so use it on your stereo mix stems. If you’re after loudness, the clipper will make you grin (it’s almost like cheating if compared to software tools) and if you’re after depth and transparency, use it in the MS mode with fairly short release settings. Last but not least, be sure to give the IREL - intelligent release a try if you want some vibe and movement.



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