Distopik Precision Series Brickwall Limiter

The Distopik Precision Series Brickwall Limiter is one of the fastest analog limiters in the world. Inspired by one of the Tony Maserati’s favourite limiters, it retains dynamic information at the tops of the peaks, uses no time-delay or phase-shift-delay tricks and keeps the distortion for all levels below the limiting threshold as low as possible.

It features a JFET and a MOSFET mode - both of them being capable of brickwall limiting. The two modes have their own characteristic sounds: the MOSFET being a bit stiff and the JFET kinda silky.

The DPS Brickwall Limiter’s controls may seem a bit confusing or even intimidating at first, but you’ll get the hang of them soon.

There’s an ‘INPUT’ and an ‘OUTPUT’ knob for each channel, a master ‘CEILING’ knob and a switch to jump between the aforementioned FET modes.

Our converters are referenced to +18 dBu = 0 dBFS and the Brickwall Limiter’s internal headroom is at +22.5 dBu.

The ‘CEILING’ knob determines the signal level at which the peak limiter is activated. It can be set from +22 dBu to +10 dBu. This encompasses the range of ‘digital zero’ most often encountered with typical A/D converters, as well as having additional margin for using the peak limiter creatively at lower levels.

When the ‘OUTPUT’ is set at unity gain, the ‘CEILING’ control indicates the maximum output level.

For best results, set the ceiling to around +15 dB to allow for enough internal headroom and use the output controls to make up the level to converters’ +18 dBu reference.

Key features:

  • MOSFET (hard) or JFET (soft) peak limiting modes
  • Two independent channels with stereo link
  • Precise readout of peak reduction
  • Limiter circuit out of the signal path when below threshold
  • Transformerless Class A solid-state design

Recommended uses:

  • mastering
  • bus processing
  • bass tracks
  • drums
  • vocals
  • synths


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