Distopik Precision Series Mastering EQ

Distopik Precision Series Mastering EQ is the first EQ designed and built by Distopik in 2017. It’s a high quality, surgically accurate, GML/Sontec inspired dual-mono 5-band equalizer, designed for mastering applications.

You’re going to love it’s unique smoothness, uncolored sound and the ability to add unheard-of amounts of midrange presence without producing harshness.

With narrow bandwidth (Q) values, it will be easy to ‘clean up’ the sound. This comes in very handy when working with sources like acoustic guitars or other instruments that produce harmonically complex sounds with occasional odd-sounding resonances. Higher bandwidths allow you to shape the general timbre of the track in a way, unattainable by software emulations - try a 5 dB boost at 3 kHz on a busy mix and you will know what we’re talking about! Another great feature is the integrated MS matrix, so you can for instance “unclog” the center of the mix without taking the power away from roaring guitars on the sides.

The precise and transparent nature of this unit is due to careful selection of electronic components. Input and output stages are electronically balanced with THAT Corp. ICs, to avoid any distortion a transformer might induce. Filter sections are driven by top of the line Burr-Brown ICs and the summing section is built with nothing less then John Hardy 990C+ discrete operational amplifiers, to allow for extended headroom a summing stage requires. All resistors are of 1% tolerance and EPCOS capacitors of the same series are used in all filter sections. We chose these caps to maintain consistent sound over all the bands and frequency choices, as this line includes all the required values.

Price (excl. tax):

  • Build to order ONLY
  • 7000€ (unit with knobs + control plug-in)


  • electronically balanced
  • input impedance: 24 kOhms
  • nominal Level: +4 dBu
  • maximum Level: +24 dBu


  • electronically balanced
  • output impedance: 50 ohms
  • maximum Level: +24 dBu


  • -85 dBu (EQ On)


  • level ±10dB
  • Q - 0,4 to 4, shelves on high and low band

Frequency Range:

  • Low: 22 Hz - 800 Hz
  • Mid 1: 130 Hz - 4,7k Hz
  • Mid 2: 220 Hz - 8 kHz
  • Mid 3: 480 Hz - 18 kHz
  • High: 900 Hz - 20 kHz

Recommended uses:

  • mastering
  • harmonically complex sounds
  • pretty much anything in need of transparent frequency shaping

Notable uses:

Player/Engineer Artist/Band Album Year Track Instrument
Matej Gobec Laibach Also sprach Zarathustra 2017 Vor Sonnen-Aufgang Mastering
Matej Gobec Laibach Also sprach Zarathustra 2017 Ein Verkündiger Mastering
Matej Gobec Laibach Live with RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra 2017 Resistance is futile Mastering
Matej Gobec Goran Bare & Majke Nuspojave 2018 Ljubav krvari Mastering


  • “I like the way it's transparent. It's probably one of the most transparent EQs that I've ever worked with...It is probably one of the most sophisticated machines that was built till now!” - Matej Gobec


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