Elysia museq

Elysia museq is a special box. It is a fully discrete, Class-A dual-mono equalizer that’s exceptionally well designed and built, with a sound that will redifine your perception of equalization.

Elysia is a German company established some 15 years ago. From the very start, they are designing and building some of the best and most uncompromising audio gear on the planet and their museq is no exception. The build quality of their units ensures that they will be making music sound better for decades and it’s no wonder a lot of them found their home at various mastering studios around the world. We at mix:analog are pleased and proud to be able to let you use one.

The museq features five bands per channel, with the highest and the lowest one being either shelf or cut and the middle three being bell filters with switchable broad or narrow bandwidth. To maximize accuracy on the potentiometer and enable a faster workflow of searching for an offending frequency to cut with a narrow-Q boost, the gain is switchable between boosting and cutting.

Another neat little feature is the WARM mode that in a way slows down fast transients and can make a sterile, digital recording sound a bit more pleasant and, well… warm.

Where to use it?

Everywhere! I cannot think of a single case where I wouldn’t want to use this wonderful EQ! Single channel sources, stems or stereo mixes, if there is a need of some spectrum balancing, the museq will do it in a way that will make you smile.



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