Our Story

Yep, that’s how it started.

In a small, stuffy room, nested between nerdy literature, science notes, yesterday’s leftovers and an inconspicuous bottle of spirits (because no good story starts with the main character drinking water) - glamorous in its own, very special way.

The photographs date all the way back to August 16, 2010 and it was that day, that Bojan’s homemade 1176 crushed its first percussion bus track to get some New York style compression going.

It’s the little things in life: the jumping pointer on the GR meter, tiny green blinking LEDs, neatly soldered impossibly small contacts, bit-perfect data streams and super-efficient network protocols.

As an audio engineer, Bojan was well aware of the pros and cons of the analog and the digital. He also knew that the technology hasn’t reached its limits yet and decided to pursue what many thought was impossible. Getting the best of both worlds - the analog sound and the digital utility.

Being a professional software developer and having lead a team of engineers to cut down the processing times of a satellite imagery service from weeks to seconds, he figured this wouldn’t be too hard of a challenge.

He befriended a broad palette of all-around nerds, mastering engineers, producers, electrical engineers, programers, network specialists and started experimenting.

For 3 years, they researched and developed. Science got done and the results were astounding. They came up with multiple solutions, optimized for various designs, making analog gear digitally controllable.

Though this appeared to be the final goal at the start of the journey, it was now clear that in reality it was only the beginning.

In the essence, embedded with new technology, these audio processing devices can communicate and interact over a network, and can be remotely monitored and controlled.

As the internet of things expands day after day, our world grows smaller and our lives become faster and more efficient. With the rise of cloud computing more and more businesses - from local shops to giant corporations - rely on applications, platform or even whole infrastructures hosted and maintained by specialized organizations.

Mix:analog is making use of these modern principles and technologies, to minimize the up-front cost of the analog studio (due to the typical pay-as-you-go pricing model), improving its manageability and making it rapidly adjustable to any situation.


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