Pricing System

Except for the bounce/render feature, the use of mix:analog is currently completely free.

To bounce/render a file, you’ll have to spend a (1) credit. Bounced files get saved into your account’s “Files” section.

Everyone receives 2 free credits for signing up and you can buy more of them in the profile section of the app.

The cost of a credit is 9.00 € (excl. tax). It is possible to buy multiple credits at once.

Payment options:

If anything goes wrong during the bouncing/rendering process or if the bounced/rendered file is corrupt in any way, mail us at!

Credits will be refunded to your account!

Special arrangements

If you need your files to be extra secure or if you’d like us to host a private rack of hardware only available to you, contact us!

Distopik, d.o.o.

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mix:analog™ is a registered trademark of Distopik d.o.o., an audio technology R&D company based in Slovenia, European Union.

For business enquiries, please contact us at:

Distopik d.o.o.
Tobačna ulica 5
SI-1000 Ljubljana