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ADU Tube Saturator

This one is not for the faint-hearted. Distopik Audio Destruction Unit is based upon the famous REDD-47 tube microphone preamplifier circuit but sports Carnhill input and output transformers and packs both REDD's "in your face" high mids and a hint of that British signature weight in the low-mids.

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An additional gain stage allows for a broad range of saturation tones, from subtle warmth all the way to guitar amp mayhem, while the Bias control in and four different drive circuit filters provide tone shaping. Combined with the dry/wet mixing capability, it's a powerful tool for adding body, presence and punch to your mixes, stems or single tracks or a fun creative tool for organic and colorful distortion.

Where to use ADU Tube Saturator?

To get the most out of this box, get well acquainted with the dry/wet controls that are available in the toolbar on top of the GUI, especially when working on stereo mixes or stems.

The triode mode offers a warmer, fuller character, perfect for adding some content to the low-mids and make the kick/bass translate better to smaller speakers. When pushed into full overdrive, this is the sound of a guitar preamplifier - just add a cabinet IR!

The pentode mode is much more aggressive and present in the high mids. Use the filter settings to control low-end distortion and tame it with the LPF if it gets to harsh. The bias setting affects the nature of the harmonic content and the headroom for lowest frequencies, so play around with it to find the perfect balance of low-end solidity and saturation character for your material. Finally, the unit can be switched into dual-mono operation and thus supports Mid/Side processing, but be careful! Weird stuff happens to the phase of the signal when it's heavily overdriven and filtered, but when dialed-in with care, its stereo bloom is something special not many other units can provide!

ADU Tube Saturator Video Tutorial

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