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Analog Bloom 670

Digital unhappiness can be easily cured with this bundle of exquisite tube processing. The Fairchild 670 will take care of dynamics with the ADU Saturator can add warmth, excitement and even outright distortion. This combo is a great shaping tool to add grit and authority to a signal.

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This bundle consists of the legendary Fairchild 670 compressor and super creative ADU Saturator tube colouring unit. The compressor is a recreation assembled by Distopik, made from original parts as well as parts used for repairing originals by the likes of Vintage King.

Where to use Analog Bloom 670?

Use the fairchild on slow or medium-paced stereo sources/stems that need the smooth type of sheen and weight. Drum groups, pianos and vocals first come to mind, but it will provide noninvasive thickening and peak reduction to everything from strings to stereo masters. It a classic for a reason! The ADU has an extended range tube gain stage that allows for a broad range of saturation tones, from subtle warmth all the way to guitar amp mayhem, while the Bias control and four different drive circuit filters provide tone shaping. Combined with the dry/wet mixing capability, these units provide powerful tools for adding body, presence and punch to your mixes, stems or single tracks or a fun creative tool for organic and colorful distortion.

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