Bettermaker Bus Compressor

Like all Bettermaker gear, the Bus Compressor features a pure analog signal path. An incredibly flexible, mastering-grade compressor for recording, mixing, and mastering, the Bus Compressor provides a way for you to gain control over your music while making sure to do so at the highest possible quality and fidelity available.

Bettermaker's approach seems simple: cherry-pick the best of vintage and modern circuit topologies and combine them in a product that offers the sonic integrity of analog with the speed and workflow conveniences bettermaker achieves.

Book Bettermaker Bus Compressor3 MAT per minute - start with 300 MAT for signing up!

For the Bus Compressor, modern, high-spec components were selected for long-term reliability and the low noise floor required for contemporary recording practices. Functionality was enhanced to accommodate the speed of workflow needed in today's sessions. Subjective listening tests played a big part in the development of this amazing mastering compressor. And the results speak for themselves. 

  • Advanced analog VCA compressor with PEAK/RMS detection and switchable forward/backward feed

  • Sidechain preview function

  • Bettermaker's famous BM mode

  • Dry/Wet Mix control for parallel compression

  • HPF in sidechain

  • Adjustable THD function for harmonically rich sound

  • On-board measurement of Peak/RMS levels

  • 100% analog audio signal path

Where to use Bettermaker Bus Compressor?

Generally, you'd want to use this to finish off a master and get that final glue you need to make your song sound great against other commercially mastered songs.

In mixing, the versatility of this unit can range from vocal bus compression, to drum bus compression, to even placing it on some keys for fast, reliable control.

This compressor seems to have all the uses in the world, but it's one of those things where it's so versatile that it's completely up to you on how you want to use it.

Here's a link to some sound examples on our Soundcloud -

Sound Examples Link

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