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Vintage Compressor Shootout

More often than not, all it takes for that finishing touch on your stereo mix (or submix) bus is the right compressor. The Compressor Shootout bundle is here for you to find just the right compressor for the job while using up only a single time slot worth of MATs.

Book Vintage Compressor Shootout8 MAT per minute - start with 300 MAT for signing up!

The Compressor Shootout bundle consists of the Gold Can VCA, Fairchild 670, Dual LA-2A, and the Gyraf G24 Passive Aggressive. Between them, they cover a very wide range of tones and/or decades - from 50' thumping vari-mu sweetness, through 90' VCA smack to two completely different flavors of opto - the slow and smooth LA-2A and the versatile, modern, transparent G24.

Where to use Vintage Compressor Shootout?

The primary intended usage of the bundle is to allow you to test-drive 4 different compressors on a source in one go and decide on the one that fits the material best. Simply true-bypass the ones that you want out of the chain in the new toolbar and get tweaking!

But... it doesn't have to be only one compressor at a time, right? Right! That's why we've put the fast ones (the VCA and the Fairchild) before the optos, to allow for the coveted "fast limiter into a slow opto" kind of chain. If you're looking for an in your face combo, that's it!

If you're unsure about what to expect from each one of them, visit their dedicated product pages or look for tutorials on our YouTube channel.

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