Elysia karacter

Elysia karacter is a Discrete Class A stereo saturator - a box full of vibrant colors. It covers a complete spectrum from subtle mastering-grade saturation through tube-inspired drive all the way to glorious destruction. It's the pollar opposite of boring.

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The karacter has, because of its breadth of possible tones, quite a learning curve. At first, it might seem like an out of control chainsaw, but once you get a hang of the control ranges and responses, it becomes a wonderful tool!

With three stages of drive severity and timbre, continuos drive control, an emphasis EQ section and dry/wet mix control, it offers complete control over the level and nature of the generated harmonics. If there's a Jack of all trades amongst saturation boxes out there, this might be it.

The build quality of Elysia units ensures that they will be making music sound better for decades to come and it’s no wonder a lot of them found their home at various mastering studios around the world. We at mix:analog are pleased and proud to be able to let you use one.

Where to use Elysia karacter?

For mastering/bus type gentle saturation, use the default drive mode with FET Shred and Turbo Boost turned off. This will produce euphonic, symmetric saturation that, at gentle settings, sounds very much like a good bus compressor. Try engaging the M/S mode in this tone range and enjoy a nice subtle blooming of the stereo field.

The FET Shred mode is an obvious shift in gears. The drive characteristic becomes a bit asymmetric, producing a fuller and a bit brighter distortion akin to overdriven tube gear. This one can already get a bit menacing, but when carfully administered, it can produce a snare crack that will bring an evil grin to your face.

Lastly, the Turbo Boost mode takes it all the way. It's a chaisaw, but with tone control and wet/dry mix. It will make an utterly, completely, helplessly boring track get some, well, karacter. And it might make hard(er) style electronic music producers shed tears of pure joy.

Elysia karacter Video Tutorial

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