Modern Compressor Mastering Chain

Utilizing the best circuitry technology has to offer, this modern compressor mastering chain allows you to gain low noise high fidelity compression while providing a wide range of use cases, colors, and modes. This lineup includes the Elysia Xpressor, The Gyraf Audio G24, and the Tierra Gravity Bus Compressor.

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The Elysia xpressor is a discrete class-A stereo compressor with a pristine sound and an incredibly flexible feature set. It gives you an enormous amount of control over dynamics while still being comprehensive and easy to use.

The Gyraf Audio G24 Passive Compressor heralds gentleness and subtlety as the main design targets. The compressor is based on a carefully designed fully passive signal path, consisting of one metal film resistor, one audio transformer, and one photoresistor per channel. There's a lot of flexibility, true analog sound, with top-end mixing and mastering results.

The Tierra Gravity Bus Compressor has 100% analog electronics and its versatility, precision and dynamic control capacity make it suitable for all kinds of situations in mixing and mastering. The Gravity provides more punch and presence in a mix or master by pushing the mid-range forward slightly and helping the stereo image to open up a bit. Like similar bus compressors (SSL Bus Compressor, Tegeler Creme), it helps glue a mix together and give music a "finished" sound.

Where to use Modern Compressor Mastering Chain?

The xpressor will go a long way in helping you to make your music really shine with its highly customizable settings.

The Tierra Gravity is really useful on a drum bus, bass, or master and helps to control things in a smooth yet present way. It's really going to help that mid-range shine.

The Gyraf G24 is a powerhouse that can work on anything if you're looking to add some presence and analog goodness to your tracks. This unit has many options, so it might take some trial and error, but you'll probably end up creating something unlike what any other compressor can do.

Together, the high-quality circuitry creates a mastering sound that sits on a completely different level.

We've got some great presets we've developed for mastering and we'd reccomend utilizing our hard work to make your work easy.

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