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Elysia nvelope

The Elysia nvelope is a Discrete Class A stereo impulse shaper. It does what a compressor/expander could do if it had a small brain and a bit more sense for musicality. With the nvelope, you can take full control of the relative transient, body and sustain energy in your track in a level independent way!

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The nvelope is, in that respect, the true heir to the mentioned unit and as a "next-generation design" pushes the sonics even a step further. It improves on the level of control it allows by introducing frequency dependant processing, and on the transparency and musicality of the signal chain by offering a new, discrete Class A circuit design throughout the unit.

The build quality of Elysia units ensures that they will be making music sound better for decades to come and it’s no wonder a lot of them found their home at various mastering studios around the world. We at mix:analog are pleased and proud to be able to let you use one.

Where to use Elysia nvelope?

Want more punch? Crack up the attack and fine-tune it to the desired frequency range. Too much background reverberation or ringing? Dial the sustain down and clean up the track in one quick move!

It's equally useful on single instrument tracks and as a part of a mastering chain, thanks to Elysia's high-performance Class A design. It most commonly finds its way to the drum and percussion tracks, where it can either revive a dull-sounding or badly recorded kit,or tame excessively sharp attack spikes and ringing resonances of an especially lively instrument.

Besides that, it can soften of make more exciting everything from an acoustic guitar to a full stereo mix - the control range is well thought out and fits a wide range of usage.

Another one of the not-so-obvious uses is tightening up the voice recordings from an untreated room for videos or podcasts. The sustain knob does a much more natural job at removing unwanted ambiance than a fixed threshold expader!

Last, but not least, switching the unit into EQ mode lets you get a taste of Elysia's famous class A shelving EQ. Highs can be boosted without sounding harsh and the lows retain punch and solidity even when boosting at lowest frequency settings.

If you happen to like the sound of the EQ on this unit, go try the museq immediately. It's going to bring a huge smile to your face.

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