Vintage Tube Glow: Pultec + LA2A

Two Pultec EQs and a dual LA-2A can be a dream come true for pillowy, vintage-inspired sounds. It's easy to get the classic 50s and 60s sounds on vocals, keys and mixes with a touch of EQ and compression from these legendary classics.

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Analog gear with tubes and big transformers is the hardest to get right with a plugin. To get it close you may have to twiddle an endless supply of saturators, EQs, compressors, slew limiters and more. This is the exact opposite. Just a few knobs, not too many decisions and it sounds right. That said, we did tinker with the LA2A a bit: you can tweak more parameters than on a vintage unit, simply because we included some common mods and internal calibration settings that many legendary studios customized over the years. Feel free to leave them at default or tweak further for a highly customized sound.

Where to use Vintage Tube Glow: Pultec + LA2A?

Click here to open the Pultec EQ tutorial which explains how this classic EQ can be used to obtain depth, clarity and punch.

The LA-2A was used on vocals as varying as "Headlines" by Drake, "Sex on Fire" by Kings of Leon to "Lose Yourself to Dance" by Daft Punk. This versatility comes in part from a fairly simple feature set:

  • Peak Reduction knob to set the amount of compression

  • Gain knob to bring back the signal and drive the amplifiers

  • Auto-varying release times that feel natural and require no dialing in

However, in order to expand the usefulness of LA-2A to stereo mixes, we have linked two of them together! In addition there are several mods available to give the tweaker in you some extra toys:

  • Added "Feedback" knob to control the amount of negative feedback in the amplifier. Less feedback narrows the frequency response and yields more distortion

  • An alternative set of optical cells with a faster attack and release time are available in the "fast" setting

  • The "Emphasis" control allows for making the LA-2A focus more on the bass or high frequencies

Vintage Tube Glow: Pultec + LA2A Video Tutorial

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