Vintage Mastering Rack

A full on combination of venerable classics:

  • pair of Distopik EQP-1A program equalizers

  • Distopik Fairchild 670

  • GML/Sontec inspired Distopik Precision Series Mastering EQ

  • Precision Series FET Limiter

This bundle is guaranteed to infuse your mixes with both mojo and definition to make them perform their best in the club, laptop or phone.

Book Vintage Mastering Rack9 MAT per minute - start with 300 MAT for signing up!

Where to use Vintage Mastering Rack?

Use the Pultec EQs to shape the general spectrum balance and control the low end before hitting the Fairchild 670 compressor. Experiment with different timing constants, ratios and side-chain filters and don’t be afraid to push it a bit harder - hardware can usually survive quite a bit more gain reduction than software emulations before it starts “breaking up”.

If the audio was already compressed to some extent, try higher ratios and adjust the threshold to barely move the needle. This will add some subtle glue and depth. Use the Precision EQ to eliminate clogged or resonating frequencies or return some low/high end to the mix, if it had to be adjusted earlier for the Fairchild 670 compressor to behave as desired.

Finally, achieve the desired loudness and transient snap with the Precision Series FET Limiter.

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