Tierra Gravity VCA Compressor

Gravity VCA Bus Compressor is a powerful stereo compressor that suits all scenarios. Thanks to its great dynamic control performance, you will obtain the sound you are looking for in a quick and accurate way. Gravity VCA is the perfect compressor for the MIX BUS and will turn your signal into music.

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Gravity VCA Bus Compressor is the first model in the new TAKE 2 range of TIERRA Audio. It has 100% analog electronics and its versatility, precision, and dynamic control capacity make it suitable for all kinds of situations, including recording, mixing, and mastering.

This revamped version of the Gravity VCA provides more punch and presence in stereo microphone sets. Its cleanliness and clarity goes well beyond its imposing dynamic range (SNR) and its low harmonic distortion (THD). All these features also make it a particularly suitable compressor for the MIX BUS, much excelling in bass treatment and the consolidation of voices within the mix.

Regarding to the materials of which it is manufactured, Gravity VCA is comprised of components of the highest quality such as WIMA®, Nichicon®, KEMET®, and Panasonic®. Each device contains an original Carnhill® and Triad Magnetics® transformers and also a SIFAM® high-speed VU meter, custom made for TIERRA Audio. The input and output connector are the Neutrik® ’s gold-plated ones.

Where to use Tierra Gravity VCA Compressor?

Pianos under control and Overwhelming basses

Use it with a piano signal to manage this instrument’s wide dynamic ranges. Thus, every passage will be placed in the right layer of the mix. Forget about the piano that fades away in the weakest parts of the song or stands out too much in the choruses.

Gravity VCA at basses will get a more accurate, vast and robust sound and also will increase your dynamic control over the basses, providing you with a considerable scope over the mix.

Want to pump your electronic music? Gravity is the one for you!

Use Gravity VCA as the compressor in the last bus of your electronic productions and your mix will pump with all the musicality and rhythm required. To do so you have to select a slow ATTACK and play around with the RELEASE so that the relaxation time comes close to your production BPM. Then adjust the compression THRESHOLD and listen to how your track gets compressed to its rhythm.

Gravity allows you to do anything from dialling in a bit of subtle glue, to grabbing and smashing down the peaks and making the material pump with the kick.

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