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1176 and LA2A Chain

Ever wished you could run your audio through 2 of the greatest compressors ever made in ONE chain? The 1176 and LA2A have been heard on countless hit records across the globe, making it one of the most iconic combinations of all time. Now, you can use it on your audio as well, along with 3 of the most famous 1176 revisions in history. The Rev A(The blue stripe), The Rev D(the 1176 sold by UAD today), and the Rev G(Focuses on clarity and projecting audio forward)

The LA2A is a real classic tube-powered Opto compressor/limiter. Of all the compressors, this one can be the most transparent and great sounding on vocals, and in stereo mode is one of the secret weapons of mastering engineers. It can gently up the RMS level and ride peaks without apparent pumping artifacts.

Together, you can achieve a level of compression on any signal that completes your processing chain.

Book 1176 and LA2A Chain8 MAT per minute - start with 300 MAT for signing up!

The 1176 compressor features an input and output level control, variable attack and release, and four ratio settings from 4:1 to 20:1. There is no threshold control, so the amount of gain reduction depends on the input level and selected ratio. It also has selectable revision modes, which allow you to choose from the best versions of the device found in the 1176's history.

The LA-2A is a tube-amplified optical compressor, famous for providing smooth, balanced, and warm compression. The LA-2A is one of the most favorable compressors for vocal applications as it creates even dynamics without producing unwanted audio bi-products and has a wide array of applications including bass guitar, drums, and with our mods - even full-blown mixes.

Where to use 1176 and LA2A Chain?

Where to use 1176 A/D/G + LA2A Compression Chain?

Being stereo units with the capability of processing mono sources, the 1176 + LA2A compressor chain lends itself well to any source in need of a character injection, along with the multiple stages of compression a source needs to truly sound polished. One of the biggest uses is on vocals, easily providing all the compression you need to have a finished sound. Bass also shines, keeping it constant and strong. You could even try compressing each prominent part of your mix with this, and you'd likely only improve the sonic texture and polish of the track. Try a few of the presets we've made, it allows you to approach each source with a great starting point.

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