What is Mastering?

Mastering is the process of preparing your mixes for distribution. This is accomplished by fine-tuning the frequency content, dynamics and spatial representation of the recording.

The goal is to make the mixes “translate” well – sound good on different sound systems, enhance the emotional impact of the songs, unify the sound of a record and make individual tracks work together as an album with a common character.

How does MIX:ANALOG work?

MIX:ANALOG is a web application, a client-server computer program in which the client runs in a web browser

You upload the tracks you want to process to the server, choose an analog device or a device pack (e.g. Rack1 Mastering) and start/book a session.

While in session, you use a graphical user interface to operate the controls of real analog gear. While you are processing your tracks, the processed audio is streamed back to you in real-time in lossless quality.

When you are done, you can bounce the tracks and download them.

How is MIX:ANALOG different from other Online Mastering Services?

There are two core differences:

  • you are in full control of the audio, you have the freedom to process your tracks exactly the way you want;
  • we keep it all analog, we only offer analog hardware processing.

Why should I use MIX:ANALOG instead of Plug-Ins?

Plug-ins are mere digital simulations of real devices, while MIX:ANALOG offers access to actual hardware.

Due to limitations of the digital domain, it is impossible for the programs to replicate the signal changes that happen in an electronic circuit perfectly.

Could MIX:ANALOG Replace a Mastering Studio?

Yes. You will be able to use our application and gear to create world-class masters, if you have a good monitoring system and all the needed skills.

The app is still missing some features, but most of them are already in development and will be implemented in 2018.

I want to use MIX:ANALOG. What Internet Speed do I need?

We recommend 5Mbit/s, but customer support reports successful sessions at 2Mbit/s.

What Audio Formats do you accept?

We accept .AIFF and .WAV files with bit depths of 16, 24 and 32 bits at the sample rates of 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz and 192 kHz. We try to support all types of .wav, but please stick with the PCM version.

What Audio Formats do I get?

You can download your processed tracks in .WAV or .MP3 formats. We'll be adding .OGG and .FLAC to the list later.

What Browsers do you support?

We provide full support for Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Do you store my Files?

Your files are normally stored until you delete them. Read the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and check the account type features for more information.

What if two users try to Access the same piece of gear at once?

Unless you book a session, remote control access is given out on a first come, first served basis. You can book up to 90 minutes of continuous access at a chosen time.

Instant settings Save/Recall is impossible. How can you do that?

We developed custom electronics that replace pots and switches and make this kind of control possible. It's instant as in "it all happens within 500ms".

Who is behind MIX:ANALOG?

MIX:ANALOG is developed by Distopik d.o.o., an audio technology R&D company based in Slovenia, European Union.

We are small start-up company, passionate about music, programming and electronics. Most of us have worked in audio production and play an instrument or two.

Where can I Learn How to Master my own tracks?

You can start by reading our blog and subscribing to our newsletter. We are sending out guides, manuals, tips and tricks for FREE every month. You may even send us a private message with the question to our Facebook page, if you want.

Why can't I Mix at MIX:ANALOG?

To be able to process more tracks at the same time, we need more gear. It will be difficult to achieve this without an investor.

We're working on it though!

There should be 3 summing mixer choices available to you by the end of 2018.

How can I support MIX:ANALOG?

You are welcome to donate, share and support MIX:ANALOG in any way you can.

We seriously appreciate every 'Like' and 'Share' on our Facebook page!

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