What are MAT tokens? Sounds like a crypto-scam!

No, MAT are not crypto-currency! Instead, think of them as tokens for a coffee machine or amusement park ride. They are simply a machanism with which you buy time in our online studio.

There are benefits to using MAT:

  • it is simpler to credit you MAT instead of real currency when you receive a reward
  • the checkout is faster because you don't need to wait for a credit card to clear

Is mix:analog free? Why not?

No, like with a recording studio, you pay for the time you spend using it. In mix:analog you use MAT (mix:analog tokens) to use the gear for a specific amount of time.


What is a "Gear Tier"?

Gear Tier simply tells you if we charge for the gear or not. Currently there are only two tiers, "Free" and "Paid".

  • The Free tier Gear is available for free (no purchase necessary) for up to 30 minutes per day.
  • Paid tier gear requires money to be used.


What are the requirements to use mixanalog?

The web application version requires

  • a computer with fast access to the internet (at least 10Mbit/s). You can check your actual speed here.
  • a sound interface (the thing you plug speakers or headphones in)
  • a recent version of Google Chrome (55 or later), Apple Safari (11 or later) or Firefox (64 or later)

Currently, mix:analog only runs in the browser. You can register for a beta of the plug-in version for DAW use.

Can I use mix:analog offline?

No, mix:analog can not be used without an internet connection.

Subscription Plans

Do left over MAT carry at the end of the month?

Yes! If you have the Producer plan which entitles you to 800 MAT every month, and you have 200 MAT left over from the current month, you will have 1000 MAT available once your credit card is charged and not only 800 MAT.

What is sample rate limit and how does it affect my audio?

The sample rate limit determines how clear and extended the sound can become. The larger the sample rate limit number, the better. Files with large sample rates take up more space and processing power, which is why we limit the sample rate in non-professional plans.

Note that the sample rate is not birate!

Do I need a plan to use mix:analog?

No, you do not need a plan. Your account will start with 100% "Pay as you go" mode unless you are trialing one of the subscription plans, in which case you will gain their benefits for a limited time.

Why do I need space?

The source files are stored on our servers because of internet performance reasons. The more storage you have, the more music you can store without deleting it.

This storage includes both source files and bounces. About 30 minutes of audio can be stored per gigabyte of storage your plan entitles you to.