What are the requirements to use mixanalog?

The web application version requires

  • a computer with fast access to the internet (at least 10Mbit/s). You can check your actual speed here.
  • an audio interface (the thing you plug speakers or headphones in)
  • a recent version of Google Chrome (55 or later), Apple Safari (11 or later) or Firefox (64 or later)

If you experience issues with Chrome please consider using Firefox. Chrome prioritizes graphics over audio and this can result in distorted audio on some computer systems.

Can I use mix:analog for free?

On signup, you will receive 300 MAT for free to try out the service. You can use them on any gear you like. In addition to that we always have at least 1 piece of gear which you can use for free for 30 minutes per day.

Using burner, disposable, throw-away or temporary emails is a breach of our terms of service and will get your account suspended immediately.

Can I use mix:analog offline?

No, mix:analog can not be used without an internet connection.


What is a "Gear Tier"?

Gear Tier simply tells you if we charge for the gear or not. Currently there are only two tiers, "Free" and "Paid".

  • The Free tier Gear is available for free (no purchase necessary) for up to 30 minutes per day.
  • Paid tier gear requires MAT (Mix Analog Tokens) to be used. More on that below in billing section.

Which devices are stereo and which are mono?

All devices are stereo except The Blue Stripe 1176. The Blue Stripe 1176 is mono. When you process a stereo channel with it, the 1176 processes the left channel only.

Tape became silent during my session. A “WND” light turned on. What is happening?

Tape length is limited. It reached the end during your session and started rewinding. This takes about 2 to 3 minutes. After that you can continue using the tape.

File upload

How do I use mono files with Mix:Analog?

We're actually working on a solid, functional solution for this, but in the mean time we have a process that you can use to ensure you're getting the processing you're looking for.

Step 1: Upload the mono file(or mono file summed to a stereo file) to Mix: Analog.

Step 2: Process as Normal

Step 3: Bounce File

Step 4: Import into DAW, split the track into 2 seperate mono files and choose one (or if your DAW doesn't let you easily do that, simply pan the track to the left or right, export that track as a mono file, then re import the track to your DAW, and) Viola! Perfect Mono.

What file formats do you support for uploads?

WAV only, for now. Read more about our plans in the section Future of mix:analog.

When should I upload my files?

To save your session time we suggest that you upload your files before your session starts. You can do that during session reservation or at any time under the Files section of mix:analog.

Can I upload as many files as I want?

Yes, for now. We may begin charging though...

Bouncing and Downloads

How much time it takes to bounce a song?

Because this is analog gear, it takes the exact same time as the length of the song - for example, if your song is 5 minutes long, you need 5 minutes of bounce time.

How much time should I book to bounce a 7 minute song on a tape machine?

A 15 minute session should be enough to give you 7 minutes of bouncing, 3 minutes reserve in case of a rewind and a few minutes to setup the gain staging before the bounce.

Why is bounce time part of my session time?

This is analog processing, the gear is used during bounce.

Tape started rewinding during my bounce. Is this normal?

Yes, tape length is limited. So every 45 minutes of use, tape will automatically rewind. It takes about 2 to 3 minutes to do that. If there is not enough tape for your whole bounce than the tape will rewind before it starts bouncing your track. If your bounce did not complete because of rewind, please contact us on chat or via email.

What is bounce queue?

If you wish, you can first setup all your files and then bounce all of them instead of setting up first file and bouncing it, then setting up the second file and bouncing it… This allows you to stay uninterrupted while working and then go for a coffee break while waiting for your bounces ;)

Note: your session should be long enough to bounce all items in your bounce queue.


How do I pay for mix:analog?

You pay for the time you spend using mix:analog. When you reserve a session, a specified amount of MAT tokens will be deducted from your account balance.

What are MAT tokens?

MAT (Mix Analog Tokens) are credits that are used to book a session on Think of them as tokens for a coffee machine or amusement park ride. They are simply a mechanism with which you buy time in our online studio.

There are benefits to using MAT:

  • it is simpler to credit you MAT instead of real currency when you receive a reward
  • the checkout is faster because you don't need to wait for a credit card to clear

How do I get MAT?

You can use pay-as-you-go or subscription plans to buy a selected amount of MAT tokens in advance.

How can I buy MAT with pay-as-you-go?

Login on, click Top up button in the top right corner, select the amount of MAT you wish to purchase and click Buy now. This will redirect you to a secure payment platform, Paddle, which handles the billing for us. There, you can use a credit card or Paypal to finish the purchase.

Note: read more about subscriptions below.

I don’t have a credit card or Paypal. Can I pay in any other way?

Please contact us and we will send you account details for direct bank transfer. We will add MAT to your account as soon as we receive the payment. Note that this kind of transaction usually takes a few days.

Do MAT tokens expire?

Yes and no. Trial MAT tokens expire after 30 days. Purchased and subscription MAT tokens do not expire.

In the session reservation process it says that 1176 is FREE but I was billed MAT for using it.

FREE usage is limited to 30 minutes per day for non-subscribers and 45 or 60 minutes for subscribers, depending on the subscription package. If you use this gear for longer, you will be charged MAT for the time above your free quota.

Is mix:analog free? Why not?

No, like with a recording studio, you pay for the time you spend using it. In mix:analog you use MAT (mix:analog tokens) to use the gear for a specific amount of time.

Subscription Plans

Do I need a subscription to use mix:analog?

No, you do not need a subscription. Your account will start with 100% "Pay as you go" mode.

How do I subscribe?

Login on, go to Profile, click Change button next to your Plan (under E-mail), select the subscription plan and click on the green button with price. This will redirect you to a secure payment platform, Paddle, which handles the billing for us. There, you can use a credit card or Paypal to finish the purchase.

Do left over MAT carry at the end of the month?

Yes! If you have the Producer plan which entitles you to 800 MAT every month, and you have 200 MAT left over from the current month, you will have 1000 MAT available once your credit card is charged and not only 800 MAT.

I need more MAT than I get with subsctiption. Can I buy more?

Yes, if you run out of MAT included in your subscription, you can add more with pay-as-you-go model.

What is the expected number of free tier gears and what are their types?

Whenever we add new gear to Mixanalog we add it to the free tier for the few weeks.

In the long run, we expect to have enough devices in the free tier for users to experience all basic tools for audio engineering in the free tier. Currently there is a permanent Blue Stripe compressor available and we intend to add EQs and saturation options in the future.

What is sample rate limit and how does it affect my audio?

The sample rate limit determines how clear and extended the sound can become. The larger the sample rate limit number, the better. Files with large sample rates take up more space and processing power, which is why we limit the sample rate in non-professional plans.

Note that the sample rate is not bit rate!

Why do I need space?

The source files are stored on our servers because of internet performance reasons. The more storage you have, the more music you can store without deleting it.

This storage includes both source files and bounces. About 30 minutes of audio can be stored per gigabyte of storage your plan entitles you to.

Can I cancel subscription at any time?

Yes. MAT tokens that you got with subscription will remain on your account.

Future of Mix:analog

Will you have a summing mixer?

Yes, in early 2020.

Will you support upload/download in FLAC?

Yes, probably. We don't know yet when.

Can I listen to two files at the same time - one for processing and one in the background?

Not yet. We have this feature in the pipeline and it is expected to come in early 2020 together with summing mixer.

Can I use more than one gear at the same time?

Not yet. This feature is expected in 2020.

The "problem" is that we are committed to analog routing right now and want all our connections between hardware to be free of a/d d/a converters as well as buffers. That's why we are putting our gear on a digitally controlled relay based patchbay that's essentially a digitally controllable version of what you use in a studio when you patch gear with a cable. We've got one of these deployed already and the performance is good, however the way things are setup right now we can't do a lot of configurations. So we are now working on a 2nd unit and together they would finally afford enough options for you to mix and match units like you specified.