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Gyraf G24 Passive Aggressive Compressor

The G24 is an optical stereo compressor – aimed at mix and mastering functions. It’s for those situations where you have a mix that is already nearly-perfect balanced, but you want to control some part of its dynamic without messing up the overall definition.

With its fully passive signal path it sounds clean and very expensive at the same time. In a unique twist, the G24 contains two separate side-chains which you can use individually or blend together. In essence, with G24 it feels like you are using two distinct compressors in one box.


Elysia Museq

Elysia museq is a special box. It is a fully discreteClass-A dual-mono equaliser that’s exceptionally well designed and built, with a sound that will redefine your perception of equalisation.


Distopik Fairchild 670

Fairchild 670 recreation assembled by Distopik. It's made from original parts as well as parts used for repairing originals by the likes of Vintage King. Big daddy of compressor limiters and frequently voted #1 best compressor in the world. It's not really a transparent or seriously fast-acting peak limiter, though it was in the 1950s when it was introduced and used on Beatles albums.


Audio Destruction Unit

This one is not for the faint-hearted. Distopik Audio Destruction Unit is based upon the famous REDD-47 tube microphone preamplifier circuit but sports Carnhill input and output transformers and packs both REDD's "in your face" high mids and a hint of that British signature weight in the low-mids.


Distopik 1176 Blue Stripe

Recreation of an 1176 "blue stripe" with Ed Anderson output transformer and added remote control! The 1176 is THE compressor, made popular by the likes of Chris Lord Alge and many, many others, as it’s found its way into more or less all well-equipped studios around the globe.

saturatortape machine

Studer A812 Mk.1

A 1/4" stereo master tape recorder from the end of 80s/start of 90s. It superseded the legendary A80 model and surpassed it many aspects both soundwise and in terms of tape transport mechanics and control.

saturatortape machine

Telefunken M15

2-track stereo master recorder – a legendary mastering-grade tape machine from the 70s. It represents the German answer to the Studer A80.


Distopik RACK 1 Mastering

A full on combination of venerable classics:

  • pair of Distopik EQP-1A program equalizers

  • SSL 4000 type “Gold Can” VCA compressor

  • GML/Sontec inspired Distopik Precision Series Mastering EQ

  • Precision Series FET Limiter

This bundle is guaranteed to infuse your mixes with both mojo and definition to make them perform their best in the club, laptop or phone.


Bettermaker Mastering Limiter

Bettermaker Mastering Limiter is one of the few analog audio processors that already comes automated out of the box. In that way it was only natural to put it on mix:analog and give a myriad of software limiters a run for their money.

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