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Stereo 1176 A/D/G

We've managed to recreate the 1176 "blue stripe" with Ed Anderson output transformers, Revision D, which is closest to the modern version of the 1176 sold today, and Revision G, which is the cleanest, using the ne5532 opamp. All of this is achieved in STEREO! The 1176 is THE compressor, made famous by the likes of Chris Lord Alge and many others, as it’s found its way into more or less all well-equipped studios around the globe.


Vintage Tube Glow: Pultec + LA2A

Two Pultec EQs and a dual LA-2A can be a dream come true for pillowy, vintage-inspired sounds. It's easy to get the classic 50s and 60s sounds on vocals, keys and mixes with a touch of EQ and compression from these legendary classics.


Tierra Gravity VCA Compressor

Gravity VCA Bus Compressor is a powerful stereo compressor that suits all scenarios. Thanks to its great dynamic control performance, you will obtain the sound you are looking for in a quick and accurate way. Gravity VCA is the perfect compressor for the MIX BUS and will turn your signal into music.


Dual LA-2A Opto Compressor

The LA2A is a real classic tube-powered Opto compressor/limiter. Of all the compressors, this one can be the most transparent and great sounding on vocals, and in stereo mode is one of the secret weapons of mastering engineers. It can gently up the RMS level and ride peaks without apparent pumping artifacts.

saturatortape machine

Studer A812 Mk.1

A 1/4" stereo master tape recorder from the end of 80s/start of 90s. It superseded the legendary A80 model and surpassed it many aspects both soundwise and in terms of tape transport mechanics and control.


Elysia Mastering Rack

The Elysia Mastering Rack is a bundle of Discrete Class A stereo devices. Together in concert they can be used as a subtle mastering correction of the highest quality. Or go in the other direction and use them as a sound shaping / sound design toolbox that can breathe life into dull recordings or change its character entirely.


Distopik Mastering RACK 1

A full on combination of venerable classics:

  • pair of Distopik EQP-1A program equalizers

  • SSL 4000 type “Gold Can” VCA compressor

  • GML/Sontec inspired Distopik Precision Series Mastering EQ

  • Precision Series FET Limiter

This bundle is guaranteed to infuse your mixes with both mojo and definition to make them perform their best in the club, laptop or phone.


Elysia xfilter

The xfilter is a true linked stereo equalizer with the heart and soul of Elysia's flagship EQ, the museq. It gives you the expensive sound of an all class-A equalizer, with a precise stereo image based on computer-selected, stepped pots and low tolerance film caps.


Bettermaker Mastering Limiter

Bettermaker Mastering Limiter is one of the few analog audio processors that already comes automated out of the box. In that way it was only natural to put it on mix:analog and give a myriad of software limiters a run for their money.


Gyraf G24 Passive Aggressive Compressor

The G24 is an optical stereo compressor – aimed at mix and mastering functions. It’s for those situations where you have a mix that is already nearly-perfect balanced, but you want to control some part of its dynamic without messing up the overall definition.

With its fully passive signal path it sounds clean and very expensive at the same time. In a unique twist, the G24 contains two separate side-chains which you can use individually or blend together. In essence, with G24 it feels like you are using two distinct compressors in one box.

saturatortape machine

Telefunken M15

2-track stereo master recorder – a legendary mastering-grade tape machine from the 70s. It represents the German answer to the Studer A80.


Elysia museq

Elysia museq is a special box. It is a fully discreteClass-A dual-mono equaliser that’s exceptionally well designed and built, with a sound that will redefine your perception of equalisation.


Elysia nvelope

The Elysia nvelope is a Discrete Class A stereo impulse shaper. It does what a compressor/expander could do if it had a small brain and a bit more sense for musicality. With the nvelope, you can take full control of the relative transient, body and sustain energy in your track in a level independent way!


Elysia karacter

Elysia karacter is a Discrete Class A stereo saturator - a box full of vibrant colors. It covers a complete spectrum from subtle mastering-grade saturation through tube-inspired drive all the way to glorious destruction. It's the pollar opposite of boring.


Elysia xpressor

Elysia xpressor is a Discrete Class A stereo compressor. With a wide range of wonderfuly responsive controls, a second switchable "WARM" character and even parallel mix functionality built in, it's hard to find something it would not sound good on.


ADU Tube Saturator

This one is not for the faint-hearted. Distopik Audio Destruction Unit is based upon the famous REDD-47 tube microphone preamplifier circuit but sports Carnhill input and output transformers and packs both REDD's "in your face" high mids and a hint of that British signature weight in the low-mids.


Modern Compressor Mastering Chain

Utilizing the best circuitry technology has to offer, this modern compressor mastering chain allows you to gain low noise high fidelity compression while providing a wide range of use cases, colors, and modes. This lineup includes the Elysia Xpressor, The Gyraf Audio G24, and the Tierra Gravity Bus Compressor.


Bettermaker Bus Compressor

Like all Bettermaker gear, the Bus Compressor features a pure analog signal path. An incredibly flexible, mastering-grade compressor for recording, mixing, and mastering, the Bus Compressor provides a way for you to gain control over your music while making sure to do so at the highest possible quality and fidelity available.

Bettermaker's approach seems simple: cherry-pick the best of vintage and modern circuit topologies and combine them in a product that offers the sonic integrity of analog with the speed and workflow conveniences bettermaker achieves.


1084 Stereo Line Amp

The 1084 line amp

We rebuilt the Neve 1084 Channel Amplifier from scratch with some of the rarest parts available used in the original vintage units, and now, you get to color and saturate your audio with it!

The 1084 is one of the most revered hardware units ever designed. It sounds like a 1073, and it gives you that beautiful neve sound thats so sought after. Introduced in 1970, this hallowed class-A, transistor mic/line amp epitomizes the beautiful "Neve sound," with open clarity, weightiness to the sound, and bite.

Now, you can run all your audio tracks of your project through the Neve 1084, compounding that effect, or even run your masters through this for spaciousness, weight, and mid-range push!

Coming to you as a line amp that lets you pass the signal through it to achieve that special neve sound, it's a simple process to use! Simply upload your audio, select it, then find the sweet spot with the "Level to Hardware" knob.


Stereo 1176 Revision A

The Legendary 1176 Blue Stripe

Recreation of an 1176 "blue stripe" with Ed Anderson output transformer and added remote control! The 1176 is THE compressor, made popular by the likes of Chris Lord Alge and many, many others, as it’s found its way into more or less all well-equipped studios around the globe. Now in Stereo!


1176 and LA2A Chain

Ever wished you could run your audio through 2 of the greatest compressors ever made in ONE chain? The 1176 and LA2A have been heard on countless hit records across the globe, making it one of the most iconic combinations of all time. Now, you can use it on your audio as well, along with 3 of the most famous 1176 revisions in history. The Rev A(The blue stripe), The Rev D(the 1176 sold by UAD today), and the Rev G(Focuses on clarity and projecting audio forward)

The LA2A is a real classic tube-powered Opto compressor/limiter. Of all the compressors, this one can be the most transparent and great sounding on vocals, and in stereo mode is one of the secret weapons of mastering engineers. It can gently up the RMS level and ride peaks without apparent pumping artifacts.

Together, you can achieve a level of compression on any signal that completes your processing chain.

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