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Dual LA-2A Opto Compressor

The LA2A is a real classic tube-powered Opto compressor/limiter. Of all the compressors, this one can be the most transparent and great sounding on vocals, and in stereo mode is one of the secret weapons of mastering engineers. It can gently up the RMS level and ride peaks without apparent pumping artifacts.

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The LA-2A is a tube-amplified optical compressor, famous for providing smooth, balanced and warm compression. The LA-2A is one of the most favorable compressors for vocal applications as it creates even dynamics without producing unwanted audio bi-products and has a wide array of applications including bass guitar, drums and with our mods - even full blown mixes.

Where to use Dual LA-2A Opto Compressor?

LA-2A was used on vocals as varying as "Headlines" by Drake, "Sex on Fire" by Kings of Leon to "Lose Yourself to Dance" by Daft Punk. This versatility comes in part from a fairly simple feature set:

  • Peak Reduction knob to set the amount of compression

  • Gain knob to bring back the signal and drive the amplifiers

  • Auto-varying release times that feel natural and require no dialing in

However, in order to expand the usefulness of LA-2A to stereo mixes, we have linked two of them together! In addition there are several mods available to give the tweaker in you some extra toys:

  • Added "Feedback" knob to control the amount of negative feedback in the amplifier. Less feedback narrows the frequency response and yields more distortion

  • An alternative set of optical cells with a faster attack and release time are available in the "fast" setting

  • The "Emphasis" control allows for making the LA-2A focus more on the bass or high frequencies

Dual LA-2A Opto Compressor Video Tutorial

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