Meet the team behind mix:analog

Our team is a multidisciplinary mixture of experienced software industry professionals, audio experts and electronics engineers. We are deeply passionate about music creation process and wish that everyone would have access to the tools to make their music sound the best possible.
team member
Gabrijela Hladnik
Co-Founder & Board Member
The helping hand behind successful projects - making sure that people are happy and results extraordinary.
team member
Bojan Šernek
Co-Founder & Full-Stack
The ideas person that thrives executing under extreme deadlines, shoestring budgets and infinite unknowns. In other words, a real startups person.
team member
Žiga Rezar
Tirelessly exploring the limits of sound and pushing boundaries of what can be expressed with it. Resident coffee nerd.
team member
Elvis Špehar
Hardware, Maintenance
The electronics guy that electronics guys go to when they are stuck. An ohms and amps wizard who solders SMDs by hand for breakfast.
team member
Martin Hribar
Full-Stack, Ops
Self-taught in administration, full-stack development and dev ops. Strongly believes everything is better with nine or more chili peppers.
team member
Matej Gal Pintar
Business Coach
Vast experience in coaching management and leadership from non profits to government enterprises. Avid car collector.
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Our second home

Located in the center of Ljubljana, our workplace is hosted by Hekovnik, the premiere startup school in the area. We are lucky to find ourselves immersed in a culture of understanding, growth and innovation.

The Story So Far

2012: In the beginning

Our founders Bojan and Gabrijela used to operate the H&H recording studio in Ljubljana. We really liked working with bands and handling multiple projects, but what they did not expect was the chasm between the sound of analog outboard equipment and the usability of software plugins.

Having to choose between sound quality and fast recall, they decided to do something about it and founded a Distopik, the Audio R&D company.

2014: A few years later

It seemed like a simple enough project at the start. For example, add electrical motors to the machines, make them talk to a computer and you could have a recall solution.

We started that way, but didn't like the slow speed, low accuracy and mechanical maintenance that came with that. So we called in Elvis as THE electronics expert to sort out a way to do the digital control electronically.

With his help, we succeeded!

2015: Expanding the team and shaping products

The first prototypes were very well received by the legendary studio RSL, the largest private recording facility in our part of Europe. This gave us the needed courage to expand the team and start working on new products.

Our automation was certainly very good: it sounded completely neutral and measured invisible. However, it was also very expensive to manufacture.

We did not want to compromise on quality, so we instead thought how more than one machine could be used by more than one user. That way the cost per user would go down and we could continue to make the highest quality automation!

2017: Launch 1.0!

Our answer was to use the power of the internet, open up machines to the public with a simple booking interface and thus offer both the automation and the outboard sound to thousands of users worldwide.

Sure, only one user could use a certain machine at the same time but even with this limitation, mix:analog proved to be a big success, with over 10,000 users signing up since its inception.

The combination of easy booking process, great sound and complete privacy makes mix:analog one of the best newcomers to the pro audio scene and a favourite secret weapon for those who are adventurous enough to give it a go.

2018: More gear and partnerships

Encouraged by very positive reviews and encouragement from the industry, we decided to work with audio gear manufacturers directly. We enable them with the perfect opportunity for online demos and give them the ability to deliver their sound and aesthetics to producers all around the world.

It also became very apparent that while the technology side was starting to take shape and we could handle software and hardware development, we needed more guidance on business.

In 2018 we joined the Danish startup accelerator Accelerace and started working with coaches Kristijan Pečanec and Matej Gal Pintar.

2019: Tech iteration and

Watch this space... something big will drop here soon.